Engaged Learning Platform

Digital classrooms are the 'Real Disruptors' in the current education system. They have successfully surpassed infrastructure as a limitation from the scalability paradigm, bestowing universities an opportunity to scale beyond physical boundaries. With new realities in the post-Covid era, every university should have a virtual alternative to the conventional classroom setup

Engaged Learning platform offers seamless transitions between physical and virtual classrooms. We did add that extra bit to make virtual learning as engaging as classroom learning. With Open edX as the backbone supported by thoughtful and extensive customisation, and enabled by passion for simplicity, we have ensured that the quality of engagement between the faculty and learners is super enriched in this virtual world. Often digital learning, perceivably or otherwise, reduces the personal touch in the learning environment. We believe that Engaged Learning will be the perfect solution to solve this.

Engaged Learning
Engaged Learning
Key Features
  • Administration Portal

    Instructor Dashboard

    Insights (Analytics)

    3rd Party Integration

    Native Android and IOS capabilities

  • Learning Management

    Collaboration tools

    External content

    Assignments and Assessments

    Faculty led online Class delivery


  • Learner


    Customized learning and Pathways


    Course catalogue


  • Studio

    Authoring tools

    Multimedia Processing


    Course Runs

Value Addition Indicators
  • Increase in Learner Enrolment

  • Reduction in Cost Per Learner