Engage 360°

With digital native learners reaching higher education establishments, we know what it takes to engage them. They may not feel motivated enough to visit multiple portals and websites for their day-to-day activities that can further lead to disengagement or attrition. 


 Engage 360° is our exclusive learner engagement platform built for students and universities. The mobile application has all the features needed to facilitate quality connection right from the enrollment process to graduation. We understand how important language support, welfare counselling, learner services and library support services are for a learner. Our platform provides seamless workflows to enable these services. Academic insights, day-to-day campus activities, study planning, scholarships, financial and career planning; all are a part of our all-round view presented to learners.

Engage 360°
Engage 360°
Key Features
  • Communication



    Course events

    Other events

    Social Networks

    Surveys and Feedback

    Chat/Messaging Platform

  • Services

    Course related service requests


    Learner Finance and online Payments

    Campus Maps


  • Academics

    Study Plans

    Subject/Unit Offerings


    Class Schedules

    Academic Progress and Grades

    Graduation tracker

    Access to Online Learning and academic resources

  •  Placements and Industry Networks

    Internship and Job Boards

    Pursue opportunities of interest

Value Addition Indicators
  • Improved Graduation Rate

  • Reduction in Attrition Rate

  • Reduction in Cost per Learner