Make education more accessible, affordable, and portable globally


Empower students and support all stake holders by bringing in transparency, immutable verification and eliminate repetitive processes by use of latest technologies

Our Values
  • Reliability

    All the solutions offered by Vivenns come with our trust, assistance and unmatched post-sales service

  • Security

    We employ the safest and most secure modern technologies, like blockchain, since credential verification, credit transfer, etc., are quite critical processes that need utmost security and privacy

  • Innovation

    Vivenns delivers the most innovative, advanced and futuristic solutions to solve problems and enhance processes with efficiency

  • Real Time Performance

    We craft solutions in real-time after thoroughly reviewing the stumbling blocks and analyzing our client's requirements. This is one of our major USPs


About Us

About Us

Vivenns and associates operating since 1991 have been providing strategic advisory, consulting, and support services for international markets, such as the US, Australia, and India. As global education has been one of our key passion areas all along, we (global technology company) deliver various B2B and B2C products with an aim to make global education more accessible and affordable. 

Boarding an experienced team that has exposure to both technology and the concerned industry, we identify some of the challenging issues that businesses confront and dare our professional teams to devise tech-based solutions to handle those. More often than not, they identify technologies that can solve those problems or simply make a process exponentially faster, cheaper and better. 

Our areas of expertise combine Technology Innovation with Industry Solutions driving business operational efficiencies while empowering individuals and organisations to provide value-added outcomes. Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, with offices spread across the globe in Australia, UAE and India, it is plain sailing for us to provide 24/7 support for customers worldwide. 

At Vivenns, we foster a culture of innovation with our core values as guiding light. We take pride in ourselves as an organisation that innovate state-of-the-art platform for solving challenging problems using cutting edge technology and passionate teams. We are always on the lookout for difficult problems to solve and great minds that can solve them.