Why Should You Choose Vivenns?
  • Innovation

    Culture of innovation that encourages to push beyond the limits and think outside the box

  • Quality

    Providing a world-class experience to the users of our products and services. 

  • Expertise

    Deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, functional prowess, and a range of perspectives

About Us

Vivenns and associates operating since 1991 have been providing strategic advisory, consulting, and support services for international markets, such as the US, Australia, and India. As global education has been one of our key passion areas all along, we (global technology company) deliver various B2B and B2C products with an aim to make global education more accessible and affordable.

Boarding an experienced team that has exposure to both technology and the concerned industry, we identify some of the challenging issues that businesses confront and dare our professional teams to devise tech-based solutions to handle those. More often than not, they identify technologies that can solve those problems or simply make a process exponentially faster, cheaper and better.

App Portfolio

Vivenns ideates, designs, and creates several applications that can transform global education. Here’s a glimpse. 

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Tech Indulgence

Tech Stack plays a significant role in building digital products and data-driven platforms that will stand the test of time, add value and deliver a superior experience to all users. We are passionate about keeping ourselves abreast of new technologies and understanding their strengths to deploy them as we embark on our journey to solve a wide range of business problems.

  • vivenns


    Vivenns been checking out the possibilities on how metaverse can be used to help learners globally and play an effective role in the overall education.

  • AI/ML


    Vivenns succeeded at utilising these technologies for applications, such as to help admission officers make the right decisions on establishing equivalencies.

  • Blockchain


    Recognising the credibility, scalability, immutability and applications of blockchain, we utilised this technology in building solutions for credential verification and evaluation processes

  • vivenns

    Application Development

    Ease of maintenance, credibility and the deliverables of various technologies while considering them for our products

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