Our mission is to make dreams come true through accessible and affordable global education


Enter your profile details once and apply to your preferred institutions ranging from the Ivy league to private niche universities.


Proprietary algorithm-driven, smart AI search engine matches student profiles with the most relevant courses and institutions for faster admissions.


Utilize opportunities to earn financial assistance, rewards, student ambassadorships, all powered by our unique Blockchain based AO wallet.


Access to experienced and qualified academic counsellors, agents and institutions on a single dashboard to guide you through every admission complexity.

Choose a course and institution that’s right for you


Undergraduate courses are the gateways to higher education overseas. Explore the AO portal to build a better career with the right foundation.


Be it specialization for academic research or job orientation, we help you choose the graduate programme that can shape your future.


Vocational and other courses can act as enablers to target a dream job or bridge some of the requirements. Explore them here with clear visibility to the learning pathway.


Students can get on board in 5 easy steps


    Set up your profile and preferences by registering with us.

  • 2. Find Courses, Apply & track

    Discover courses with high success rates using our Smart Search tool. Locate educational agents near you who can help with application submission. Stay connected to AO to track your application.

  • 3. Accept Offers, EARN SCHOLARSHIPS & make payments

    Accept offers made by universities and even make necessary payments using AO wallet. Earn rewards and scholarships.

  • 4. get YOUR VISA & PLAN ahead

    Agents and counsellors help with visa application, where needed.

  • 5. Stay engaged with AO

    Stay engaged with AO for learning and earning opportunities as you pursue your education.


Our unique AO rewards wallet helps you save money

1 AO reward = 1 USD

Earn rewards along the way, as you navigate through your journey for signing up, referrals, merits, participation and further use these to pay your fees. Stop worrying about forex fluctuations and hidden conversion fees: our AO wallet allows students to pay application fees in any currency. You can transfer these coins to any external wallets, anytime.

Blockchain-verified academic credentials which can be shared with a click

Academic credentials verification made simple and strong with Blockchain for students, issuers, institutions and employers. Verified certificates on the platform can be shared any number of times with any number of email ids. In essence, this can be your academic wallet for life.

Student loans made simple

Need a loan to fund your educations, our technology and AO Loan counsellors are here to help your to make it easy peasy for you.

Rewards programme set up by institutions so you can earn while you learn.

Like you are eager to join a course. Even an institution wants you. They set up rewards and scholarship programmes on our platform, which you can access and participate in. All rewards earned are credited to your AO wallet which can be used for multiple things like paying fees or running errands on our portal.

Our Customers and Partners

Technology and transparency for our ecosystem partners

We believe students deserve a simpler, more transparent and cost-effective method of securing admissions to higher learning opportunities.

Institutional Partner

Application process is simplified with complete transparency and traceability so your institution can have access to global students.

Our product features like Blockchain-enabled credential verifications, AI-powered smart profile matching, APIs, rewards and scholarship programme creation tools make the application experience easier, cost effective, authentic and secure, eliminating operational inefficiencies so you can attract and engage with tomorrow’s talent pool.

Agent Partner

Our unified platform will make agents visible to students who are looking to apply with partnering institutions across the globe.

Leveraging our technology, agents can discover, manage, track and collaborate on verified applications with ease while earning their commissions and rewards on the AO wallet.

With our technology and agent’s expertise we can together make a difference to full fill students educational aspirations.